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Fire Safety Knowledge Training:Focus on Fire, Cherish Life.
日期:2023年05月05日    来源:部门

On the afternoon of May 5, 2023, our company specially invited the lecturer Jin Tao from Nanjing Anmin Fire Prevention Education Centre, to conduct fire safety knowledge training for all shore-based employees of Shenghang Group.


The lecturer made a detailed introduction to the four aspects of how to ensure safe use of electricity in the office, how to deal with fire hazards occurred in daily life, the options of escaping measures in different situations and commonly used fire-fighting apparatuses. At the same time, the lecturer combined specific cases of incidents with targeted analyses and explanations of common fire safety problems. Shenghang Group’s employees expressed that this lecture greatly improved their fire prevention awareness and understanding of fire safety knowledge.


All incidents can be prevented and safety is obviously valuable. Therefore, our company organized to carry out publicity activities of fire prevention knowledge, committed to effectively improve the employees’ awareness of fire safety and constantly strengthen their awareness of fire prevention. The guideline of “safety first and prevention priority shall be implemented, thus effectively control and eliminate possible fire hazards, avoid and reduce the potential property damage and casualties.