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Shenghang Group Carried out Militia Inspection
日期:2023年04月16日    来源:部门

In order to enhance employees’ awareness of national defense, participation in national defense construction, and to improve the ability of quick response to emergency rescue, disaster relief and contingencies, the company held the militia inspection in Qinzhou Port of Guangxi Province on April 16, 2023, organized by the Mobilization Department of Nanjing Military Garrison and the Mobilization Organization for Traffic Combat Readiness Bureau of Nanjing Municipal Transport Bureau. Two commanders from Nanjing National Defense Combat Readiness Office and Maritime Transport Regiment of Nanjing Transportation Bureau delivered speeches respectively, making instructions on giving full play to the role of the militia and writing a new chapter of hugh-quality development of enterprises.


The two commanders affirmed the spiritual outlook of the militia in their speeches, and emphasized that the militia could have always been an important force of the company, playing the role of "vanguard" and "spearhead" in the construction and development of the company. Through this inspection, the performance of the militia comprehensively reflected everyone's sense of organization, discipline and team consciousness, and overall demonstrated the good spirit of the company's employees.