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2024 Annual Meeting of Shenghang Group Grandly Held
日期:2024年01月27日    来源:部门

On January 27, 2024, the 2024 Annual Meeting of Shenghang Group was held grandly. About 100 people, including representatives of employees, crew members and middle and senior management staff of Shenghang Group and affiliated companies, attended the meeting. All independent directors were invited, as well. The meeting reviewed and summarized the main work in 2023, while making an overall  work plan for the year 2024 and determining the work objectives.


At the beginning of the meeting, main functional department managers of Shenghang Group and affiliated companies, made a summary of the annual key work of 2023 and detailed the work plan for 2024. After that, Li Guanghong, General Manager of the company, made a year-end report on behalf of the company, reviewed and summarized the work situation in 2023, pointed out the problems in current work, and put forward development suggestions and improvement measures. To raise the enthusiasm of the employees, the outstanding shore-based employees, Top 10 sailors, excellent teams and star ships of 2023 were also commended at the conference. 

At the end of the meeting, Li Taoyuan, Chairman of the company, summarized the overall development of the company in 2023, and made arrangements for the New Year’s work in 2024. He pointed out that the company should be guided by strategic planning, focus on the main business, strengthen market development, orderly expand ship capacity, optimize the construction of clean energy logistics supply chain. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the training of talents, exert the advantages of the platform to cultivate and introduce outstanding talents, improve the construction of high-quality staff, so as to provide necessary human resources guarantee for the company’s business development. In addition, it is essential to further improve the level of corporate governance, continue to improve and optimize internal control management, and strengthen supervision and implementation. Last but not least, he emphasized that all functional departments should enhance sense of responsibility, strengthen communication and assistance, provide the customers with safe and high-quality service, and promote the sustainable and efficient development of the company.

The year of 2024 is both a new opportunity and a new challenge. Shenghang Group will forge ahead, actively promote the implementation of the company’s strategic plans, consolidate the leading position in industry, and create more and greater value for shareholders, customers, employees and society.