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Shenghang Group's 4th Senior Officer Seminar Successfully Held
日期:2023年04月13日    来源:部门

From April 10 to April 13, 2023, Shenghang Group’s 4th Senior Officer Seminar was held successfully in the multi-function hall of our company. About 40 senior officers attended the seminar as crew representatives. The company prepared a variety of training contents for them. Li Guanghong, the General Manager of the company, and leaders of relevant departments of ship management, attended the seminar as lecturers to give lectures. Moreover, experts in the field of shipping research were invited to make presentations and communicate with them.

With the continuous expansion of Shenghang Groups fleet size, the management difficulty in maintaining safe, stable and efficient operation of ships is accordingly increasing. Therefore, the cultivation of high-quality crew plays a crucial role in improving the safety management level, and maintaining stable and efficient operation of the fleet. This seminar is aimed to improve the comprehensive quality of the senior officers and enhance the executive ability of the crew in the front-line work of ships, through systematic training of professional knowledge in ship safety management, system process, crew management, certificate management, external inspection, material procurement and many other aspects. In general, it is expected to provide continuous and effective solutions for the efficient operation of the company’s safety system, the strict safety operation demands of customers, and the high-standard ship inspection requirements of the industry. 

The successful holding of this seminar will further improve the comprehensive quality level of Shenghang Group’s crew and continuously optimize the effective communication and coordination between the crew and shore-based staff. In the future, the company will continue to focus on the field of shipping transportation of liquid chemicals and oil products, adhere to high-standard and professional safe transportation control system, provide customers with quality services, create value, and maximize the value of customers, shareholders, employees and enterprises.