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Women's Day Celebration Activities
日期:2023年03月08日    来源:部门

To celebrate the 113rd International Women’s Day on March 8, 2023, the company labour union of Shenghang Group organized a set of half-day celebration activities, aiming to show care and love to the hard-working female staff in different positions of all departments of the company.


In the afternoon, all the female staff visited Nanjing Xianlin Yangshan Park to get close to nature. On the one hand, the outing activity made the female staff relax their body and mind, and relieve their stress and pressure. On the other hand, it promoted face-to-face communication among various departments of the company, and enhanced the cohesion of Shenghang Group. After taking a group photo, all the female staff together enjoyed a series of leisure activities. They said, this activity enabled their body and mind to get a full range of relaxation, and in the future, they would devote themselves to work with enthusiasm. Everyone in Shenghang Group is eager to create and make full of their personal value, and make greater contributions to the development of the company.