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Newly-built Ship "SHENG HANG 002" Successfully Made Maiden Voyage
日期:2023年01月16日    来源:部门

On January 16, 2023, the newly-built ship "SHENG HANG 002" of our company was successfully delivered.


"SHENG HANG 002" is a parcel tanker, with a total ton of 9030, a deadweight ton of 13000, which is classified into CCS. The vessel is equipped with advanced seawater desalination technology, and the operation of the vessel can achieve full visual management,which can not only meet the need of domestic transport business of refined oil products, but also have the capacity to transport hazardous chemicals internationally after completing the relevant operation procedures.

The operation of "SHENG HANG 002", which will further expand the fleet size, improve the company's transport capacity, effectively meet the growing customer transport needs, and conform to Shenghang Group's long-term strategic plans of company operation and development.

In the future, the company will flexibly switch the domestic and international transport business of the vessel, so as to meet the actual needs of the company's domestic transport business of refined oil products and  international transport business of hazardous chemicals, and further enhance the company's sustainable operation capacity and core competitiveness.