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Nanjing Yangzi Marine Department, Yangzi Petrochemical and Shenghang Group Jointly Launched Series of Activities to Celebrate the 14th World Seafarer's Day
日期:2024年06月25日    来源:部门

On June 25, 2024, Nanjing Yangzi Marine Department, Yangzi Petrochemical and Shenghang Group jointly launched series of activities on Shenghang 008 to celebrate 2024 World Seafarer’s Day, with the theme of “Maritime Safety, Share Your Best Tips”. It’s aimed to fully show the professional contributions of seafarers, enhance their sense of professional honor, and give them more sense of gain, happiness, and security.


The first is to organize the activity of Seafarer Reception Day. Zhang Qiao, the head of Nanjing Yangzi Marine Department, Shen Haijun, the manager of the safety and environment protection department of Yangzi Petrochemical, and Li Guanghong, the general manager of Shenghang Group, led relevant personnel to conduct the Seafarer Reception Day activity on Shenghua 008 at the Berth 14 of Yangzi Petrochemical, sending the festival greetings to the crew at the ship’s side.


The second is to actively create a strong atmosphere. Shenghang 008 was dressed overall and hung a “World Seafarer’s Day” banner to create a festive atmosphere and celebrate its arrival.


The third is to conduct a ship-to-shore firefighting training exercise. On the afternoon of June 25, 2024, Nanjing Yangzi Marine Department of Nanjing Maritime Bureau, Yangzi Petrochemical and Shenghang 008 of Shenghang Group jointly conducted a ship-to-shore firefighting training exercise. The specialized firefighting tugboat from Yangzi Petrochemical, two cleaning boats, and two patrol boats participated in the exercise to ensure the efficient conduct of the exercise. During the exercise, all the participating parties demonstrated efficient emergency response capabilities.