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Corporate Culture

Cultural Outline

It elaborates the company's

development vision, duties,

values, enterprise spirit, safety

concepts, etc. It is the supreme

norm of behavior for all employees

 and the spiritual core of the

establishment of the company

system to establish the core

cultural concept of ‘Sincerity,

integrity and safety together,

makes the voyage further.’

Core Values

Sincerity, integrity and safety together, make the voyage further. To achieve the ultimate sincerity is the root of prosperity; to achieve higher goals on the strength of good reputation and firm belief.


To provide quality service to customers, maximize the value of customers, shareholders, employees and enterprises


To be a trustworthy and influential new logistics chain enterprise world-wide.


Safety is the fastest development and the highest benefit.


More professional, faster, thoughtful and safer


Make the best use of talents


Integrity, environmental protection, practicality, efficiency and service innovation.


Interior continuity, exterior extension, deep exploiting and wide cultivation.