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Company Profile

Nanjing Shenghang Shipping Co.Ltd, founded on 7th Nov. 1994 with registered capital RMB 170.67 million, was listed on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in  May 2021(stock for short: Shenghang Shares; Stock-code: 001205). With headquarter office in Nanjing, China, the company focus on the shipping transportation of liquid chemicals and oil products. 

Up to now, the total fleet comprises of 24 vessels with a capacity of 158,000 DWT, ranking high in liquid chemical/oil shipping companies in China. Besides that, there are four vessels under construction, including three chemical tankers with total 18,600 DWT, one oil tanker with 13500 DWT, as well as one 5500 cubic LPG tanker. By 2025, the fleet size of the company will reach up to 50 vessels through new construction, purchase and M&A.

The fleet vessels have been rated suitable for business by Shell, CDI, BP, Sinopec and other large-scale companies. The company has been awarded with many honorary titles such as “Benchmark Logistics Service Provider” by Sinopec Chemical Sales Co. Ltd, “Golden Tank Award for Safety Transportation”, “Safety Management Award”  by China Logistics and Purchasing Federation, and “Safety and Credit AAA Shipping Enterprises” in Jiangsu province, “Annual Integrity Port & Shipping Enterprise of Yangtze River” in 2017 etc. The company has achieved and maintained the first-level standards of National Safety Production, as well as been ratified as high-tech enterprises of Jiangsu province.

The company abides by objectives and policies of maintaining healthy environment, ensuring safety, preventing pollution and serving customers, strictly implements the requirements of safety management system and has achieved significant results. Up to now, no severe safety accidents or environmental pollution occurred, no casualties occurred, which enables the company maintain a good safety situation.

The company has being expanded business in the field of LPG, including liquid ammonia and other new energy transportation business, based on which, will further extend to tank farm and terminals as well as road transportation, providing customized transportation services for customers, and enhancing the integrated service capability of the company.